Wine Tourism Trends

I’m a member of a 90 point wine club which focuses on bringing really high quality wine to our doorstep each and every month.  One of the off shoots of that membership is that we learn a ton about different wine regions around the globe.

Learning about those regions and frankly talking about them so much has made my wife and I want to travel to see them in person.  That’s where this short entry comes in, wine tourism is certainly changing.  A few years ago, visiting wine regions was only for the incredibly wealthy.  These days, anyone can visit.  As an example, California’s historic Napa Valley is pretty darn expensive, too expensive for us in fact.  Paso Robles makes wine which, in terms of quality and not the type of grapes used, is really similar.  Paso Robles, is also really cheap in comparison to most wine regions.  It has allowed my wife and I to continue to enjoy wine, without spending a small fortune on our vacations!

Updated: August 3, 2012 — 11:33 pm
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