Whistle Stop Tour of the States

Do you need some variety in your vacation? For many of us the thought of sitting in one place idling away hours is simply too dull to consider. If you need something more than the excitement of rushing to grab a sunbed in the morning then perhaps I can suggest an alternative destination – the USA. For a traveller, the US has many advantage – firstly obviously if you’re English speaking it gets rid of one of the major problems with arranging something exciting – language. Next the USA is just so big that you can tailor any sort of adventure you like.

All the primary cities also have their own Little Italy, Chinatown or even French Quarter also so if you’re missing the culinary joys of your own volcano, a trip to one of these will provide you the chance to participate in all your favorite ethnic dishes. The main international airfields are situated in Boston, NY, Washington DC, Atlanta, Denver, Houston, Seattle, San Francisco, California, Anchorage, Miami, Dallas, LA, Chicago, and Orlando and there is connecting flights from all these airports to countless other US cities. the places you dream about and may have only heard on the BBC News can be accessed very easily with some effort. The simplest way to find the abundance of sights that NY has to offer is by taking a guided tour of the town.

New Orleans is a distinguishing American town as it is the only one which has maintained its own Spanish, French along with African heritage along with it is also the only one that’s constructed under sea level. A combination of the 3 original cultures has caused a town that is home to excellent music and food, an exotic nightlife, voodoo practices along with a distinctive cultural mix that was to eventually become the Creole and Cajun individuals. You should definitely take a steam cruise on the river where you’ll get to enjoy New Orleans music and food as well as the sights of town.

For shopping you should trip all the Riverwalk Marketplace, over one hundred and twenty stores along with cafes right alongside the Mississippi along with only a number of blocks away from the charming French Quarter which houses all the traditional and sacred within the city. The final attraction that you should trip are all the cemeteries of New Orleans or, as they’re more commonly known, all the cities of all the dead. The fact that these tombs are built above ground is what makes them so disparate and worth checking out.  You might think you’ve seen these before but they’re often seen familiar because they’re featured so much on UK TV like this.

Lastly, Denver, the capital of Colorado, located at all the foot of all the Rocky Mountains is a flourishing city offering a plethora of sporting, entertaining along with cultural attractions to its guests. Once you touch down, you can trip Las Vegas’s own Egypt complete with all the Sphinx, New York with Brooklyn Bridge along with the Statue of Liberty along with Paris complete with the Eiffel Tower. The casinos are also home to all the major attractions in Las Vegas, from roller coasters to simulated rides. In fact each casino is just like a self contained theme park, in fact the town itself strongly resembles one huge theme park. The only thing you need to remember when you’re here’s that it isn’t a town for the conservative.

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