Vacation in Denmark

susanneThere are many reasons to visit Denmark when you go on vacation. It’s a small country but contains a lot more than just Legoland.
What you can in Denmark depends a lot on what time of the year you are visiting. If you visit during winter time, you are likely to see a lot of snow, but many of the main attractions such as Legoland are closed. Instead you should visit some of the many pubs, where you can enjoy a large selection of both danish and Eupean beers, or just a hot chokolate. You can also visit the Trip Trap factory during christmas, and see how the small Trip Trap nisser and the famous Susanne Schjerning sengetøj are made, or take a walk in Tivoli, it’s a really nice place expecially during december, with all it’s christmas decoration. If you get the chance, don’t miss out on the danish tradition called julefrokost. If you visit during vinter, and there is no snow, it can be a little boring and dull outdoor, so here you can go shopping in some of the many malls. Prices are bit high, especially if you goto the capital Copenhagen. You can often find some good gifts like brænde or briketter here.


If you come to Denmark during the summer, you will see a green and environment friendly country. A lot of their energy are produced by windmills, so you won’t be seeing a lot of polluting factories. There are a lot of fun things to do during the Summer, you may not want to visit the Trap Trap or Susanne Schjerning factory, as those places are a lot more cozy during christmas time. Tivoli in Copenhagen is still worth a visit though. It may not be as beautiful as it is in December, but still a fun place for both kids and adults. If you like to part and see a lot of bars, then Jomfruanegade in Aalborg is the place to be, it’s a whole street with almost nothing but bars. Aalborg is the party town of Denmark, especially if you visit around May 23. as you get to see, or take part in, the big carnival, which is the largerst of it’s kind in northen Europe. Denmark also got some great beaches, and even though the water may be a little cold (around 20-23 degrees celcius) it’s a fun place to be. If it’s to windy to go swimming, they got some great hills for paragliding or hanggliding. If you are into that, you will need to bring your own equipment though, as it’s not possible to rent this anywhere. If you visit Nordjylland, you should not miss out on Fårup Sommerland next to Brænde, which is a theme park build in the middle of a forest. They have a lot of fun rides, and is a really cozy place, since they try hard to keep it all in touch with nature. In the middle of Denmark, they got Djurs Sommerland, which is the largest theme park in Scandinavia. It got some larger rides than Fårup sommerland, but is not quite as cozy.

If you are into shopping then Copenhagen is the best place to visit, it got the biggest shopping malls, and a lot more special shops than any of the other cities. They got 2 theme parks, and a lot of historical buildings, but don’t expect anything breathtaking like you can find in London or Rome. The local people are ofte very friendly and helpful. They are not much for idle talk with strangers, so it can ofte be a little hard, to get to known then. If you are into eco Tourism, then we can really recommend taking a vacation in Denmark.

Updated: September 4, 2015 — 9:03 am
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