Tourist Board of Australia Target China

The Australian Tourist Commission – Tourist Australia is planning to target a new market. It has commissioned a report on China’s second cities to see if they can expand there.  China is already one of the biggest growing tourit markets and is very important to the Australian economy.

The specific towns that are being focussed on are 13 other cities other than Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.  The three main cities have been a focus for many years and their success has led Tourist Australia to look at the other Chinese cities.  After all well over 1/2 million Chinese visit Australia in 2011 and the figure only shows signs of increasing.

Australia is seen as a must visit destination for the Chinese middle classes.  They particularly admire the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier reef.  Obviously these destinations would be a place for marketing to be directed to increase the number of Chinese visitors.

There are difficulties with arranging travel for many Chinese though, the Great Firewall of China sometimes makes using the internet rather tiresome.   However many middle class Chinese now invest in VPNs and proxy servers to bypass these restrictions.    It is a similar to the procedure detailed in this post which shows how you can use an Australian proxy server.

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So far the campaigns have been a success with audits showing that 90% of people who have viewed the campaigns have started to research trips to Australia.

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