The Reach of Pollution

From the seaside to the tops of our mountains. It goes without saying that pollution will not influence all tourist places in the same manner. Coastal resorts, mountains, natural parks, rural areas, towns and theme parks offer a huge selection of different activities. You are able to only ski in the mountains and the impact of this action (soil erosion, deforestation, infrastructure building) is completely different to the damage wrought by people who favor seaside vacations (destruction of dunes, deteriorating water quality, an such like.).

Within these classes, nevertheless, there are always a number of constants as it pertains to the underlying reasons for pollution: more and more visitors, seasonal concentrations, kind of conveyance, real-estate pressures and so forth. Cities are other black spots.

Maybe not only are their very own inhabitants in charge of a good deal of pollution, they are becoming ever more popular holiday destinations. This poses the risk of noise pollution and added air in urban areas and threatens our historical monuments.

Obviously tourism is vitally important to almost every economy in the world to some extent.  Fortunately tourists are changing their preferences too, showing a willingness to embrace more eco friendly tourism.  The key to this is research, learn a little bit about your destination before you go, there’s usually plently of help online.  In fact one of the best ways to learn about a place is read their newspapers, watch their local TV and listen to their radio stations.  You can do almost all of this online, just invest in a decent proxy site which wil get you passed all the stupid geotargeting blocks.  It merely changes your IP address so you don’t get blocked when watching video or listening to reports online.

The Video is also available on YouTube entitled Change IP Address Software.

Tourism has grown so much in the last 30 years and shows no sign of slowing down.  However we must be aware of the environmental implications and pursue a strategy that is sustainable and minimizes or eliminates negative impacts.


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