Tasting Tourism

Different  forms of tourism go through spells of popularity and at the moment we are seeing quite a lot of people interested in travelling the world and sampling the Whisky distilled in that country. 

The Scottish tourism industry sees a great deal of its business through either golf or whisky enthusiasts. With many distilleries that offer tours and tasting experiences as well as dedicated festivals throughout the year, people that make the journey to Scotland to find out more about Scotch Whisky will not be disappointed.

Of course there is a great more to see and do in Scotland than just explore your whisky interests and that is why the Scottish tourism board has been pulling out all the stops to ensure landmarks and places of interest are at their best. With a lot of interest coming to the British Isles following the London Olympics it is seen as the perfect opportunity to capitalise and show that Scotland has a lot to offer.

Making the most of the popularity of both Golf and Whisky goes into an existing market and will make sure Scotland remains one of the most popular tourist destioinations in Europe.


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