Trends in Tourism

Trends in tourism I think can be seen well, by looking at a traditional destination which is only gaining in popularity these days: Bordeaux. Most of you already know that Bordeaux is among the most exclusive spots in the world for wine and it has long been a home to aristocracy and their vacations in […]

Eco Tourism and Wine

Being and eco tourist and a wine lover at the same time isn’t exactly easy is it? I mean, as much as I love the world of wine, it isn’t exactly the most environmentally friendly business on the planet is it?  Vines use plenty of water and it isn’t exactly like the land is being […]

Responsible Wine Tours

Wine tourism.  Itself, it seems like a very eco friendly group doesn it?  Can’t you picture the train riding, Prius driving, Berkeley residents weekending in California’s Napa Valley. Of course, from an eco perspective, we often need to make some small changes in tours and tourism to save the environment.  After all, every winery no […]

Trends in Food and Wine Tourism

Food and wine tourism is growing, seemingly by the day. Of course, that’s an excellent turn of events for people within the field.  Heck, even if you’re interested in a 90 point wine club, it makes it pretty simple to find a great example after spending only an hour or two in California’s historic Napa […]

Trends in Wine Tourism

I think we all know that wine drinkers love to visit the places which make their favorite wines.  Heck, even if you’re not a wine drinker but have seen the movie Sideways you’d probably know that as well. In any case, after receiving a couple of wine gift baskets this past holiday, my wife and […]

Wine Tourism Trends

I’m a member of a 90 point wine club which focuses on bringing really high quality wine to our doorstep each and every month.  One of the off shoots of that membership is that we learn a ton about different wine regions around the globe. Learning about those regions and frankly talking about them so […]

Wine and Tourism

Wine is an industry which both generally wants to be responsible and sustainable, while at the same time takes a lot out of the Earth to exist as well as taking a toll on local communities. As an example, did you know that only a small percentage of California wineries had full time laborers and […]

Wine Trends

One of the things we’ve noticed about wine and tourism these days is that high end food and wine destinations are now increasingly able to drive significant foot traffic.  It isn’t just California’s Napa Valley and France’s famed Bordeaux regions any more, literally half the states in the United States now have some sort of […]

Eco Wine Tourism?

I recently receive a wine gift from someone who knows that since I live in San Francisco, it’s easy to get me riled up about wine, but also about sustainable environmental practices.  Given that I live less than an hour away from two of the most famous wine country settings in the world, so paying […]

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