A Brief Guide to Paris

Subsequently, Parisians are often shocked or simply uncomfortable with people that have an absence of reserve. Montmartre has been connected to artists for more than 200 decades. The Louvre is among the most renowned art museums on the planet. Resting inside this lovely garden after visiting Louvre is ideal, it is an amazing spot to […]

Californian Tourism Hitting the Heights

Tourism is of course, vitally important to the Californian economy.  For anyone outside the US who’s come across those expensive, well produced adverts often on prime time TV slots, you can sense that’s it’s big business.   However the numbers can be quite staggering even when forewarned, a report published last week suggested that tourists […]

Germans Take Their Holidays at Home

The Germans were once pretty famous for travelling far and wide on their holidays, but the latest survey of German tourism habits suggests that might be changing.  Last year just under half the population took their holidays in their  own country.  It was far and away the most popular holiday destination quite some distance from […]

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