Germans Take Their Holidays at Home

The Germans were once pretty famous for travelling far and wide on their holidays, but the latest survey of German tourism habits suggests that might be changing.  Last year just under half the population took their holidays in their  own country.  It was far and away the most popular holiday destination quite some distance from […]

Arab League Starts Tourist Drive

The primary aim of the Arab league is to co-ordinate the aims of it’s twenty two members. However a recent meeting between it’s members revealed that there are huge differences in success when it comes to the tourism sector. There seems to be two distinct experiences, which was highlighted during the summit in Bahrain. Ironically […]

The Reach of Pollution

From the seaside to the tops of our mountains. It goes without saying that pollution will not influence all tourist places in the same manner. Coastal resorts, mountains, natural parks, rural areas, towns and theme parks offer a huge selection of different activities. You are able to only ski in the mountains and the impact of this action […]

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