Sustainable Holidays by Car


For most of us, we are concerned about having too much of a negative effect while on vacation. This can have an adverse effect on holiday plans as many people do not wish to use aeroplanes to visit destinations that are abroad.

With the increase in biofuels and finding more environmentally friendly ways of filling the tank, many people have found that going on road trips and travelling by car can be a good way to get out and see the world. As long as you are certain that you are being responsible while you are doing this.

Most of mainland Europe is connected by roads so it is possible to visit historic cities and see the continent’s greatest landmarks such as the Colosseum in Rome of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, even traveling to the UK is easy as you can use the Eurotunnel or even catch the ferry across.

As you are driving through Europe, you may find a secret location that has been unspoilt unlike the traditional tourist destinations.  A handy tip is before you set off invest in a short term rent of proxy in the country you visit.  The advantage is that you are able to view location specific information, for example I used an Australian proxy to access local car hire deals whilst I was in the US, I saved several hundred dollars instantly.

Obviously, it is important to be aware of your carbon footprint when it comes to travelling, but don’t let it have a negative effect on your holiday plans.

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