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When the sun sets over Dublin, the city changes completely and in many ways for the better. Of course, Dublin is a beautiful city to explore in the day, yet it’s real character and warmth can be experienced in night. Dublin is of course full of bars and restaurants but also has lots more to do every evening. There’s even some great little Dublin casinos which you can try out online before you visit.

An insider’s guide to the pubs and nightclubs in Dublin and encompasses, including the town’s best bars for live bands, cabaret and comedy. Don’t sweep to The Horseshoe Bar searching for cheap booze it’s hotel costs here, and swish hotel prices at the but rather to throw your eye across a central nexus of political power in Ireland. This sweet, diminutive small place, buried deep in the bowels of The Shelbourne Hotel and only across the corner in the Irish Parliament, may not resemble a nexus, but do not be fooled: that the bar has attracted that the networked and strong for decades.

The ambiance of the Horseshoe in addition gives a stark contrast to the Shelbourne’s big and the main bar which is constantly thronged with visitors. Given its glossy fittings, glistening mirrors, peerless service, rich red walls along with generally luxurious environment, regardless of the costs you might end up opting for that instant drink in this well appointed refuge.  It’s a place to enjoy the luxury and you’ll find the opening times as follows (time of writing 2018) –  Tue Wed, 3pm – 11.30pm, Thu, 3pm -12.30am, Fri, 1pm1.30am, Sat, noon1.30am, 11pm.  It’s obviously not the cheapest place to drink yet the costs aren’t ridiculous – you can get a gin and tonic for about 7.50 Euros and if you’re short on cash they do accept all cards including credit cards. The Octagon Bar is a very trendy junction not actually a shock, given the fact it is the main bar of the U2 possessed Clarence Hotel on the town’s South Quays.

Dublin’s nightlife varies quite a lot over the year but there’s always something going on.  For up to date information check out the latest information on the Irish Tourist boards sites where you’ll get the lowdown on events like festivals and concerts.  It’s always worth checking out the Irish TV stations such as TV3 and RTE before you go although much of it needs an Irish IP address like this to access from outside Ireland.

The bar will indeed occupy a fine, domed octagonal space, with related snug and sofa, terrazzo flooring. If you look upwards you’ll enjoy the Art Deco windows and light wood paneling which covers most of the walls. The brass sparkling pub is itself octagonal in shape, and is popular for people reading and drinking alone where they settle in one of that the comfortable, recessed seating areas the surround it. It is frequently a quiet, relaxed place wherein to enjoy a drink – don’t worry if you haven’t got company go and enjoy it yourself.   Getting there is fairly easy, just grab a bus to Dame Street or Wellington Quay.  It’s wise to check the opening times before you go, we won’t post them here as they do tend to change a lot.  Again it’s not the cheapest place to enjoy a drink but not too bad, you can get a cocktails from about 9 Euros and a  glass of wine will set you back about euro, 6.50.  The big, cavernous and high ceiling Market Bar Opens up at the face of that the towers and turrets fairy tale Victorian George’s Street shopping arcade.

This Market Bar doubles as a restaurant with an emphasis on tapas: a handy snack for only 8.50 although that’s just a little plate, you can get the larger ones for euro, 12.50. Getting there is fairly easy, simplest option is to get on a bus to South Great George’s Street where you’ll find the place open all afternoon and on until 11:30 pm.  Personally last time I visited I enjoyed a pint of beer from euro 4.90, but I do know you can get a bottles of wine from about euro, 26.  Which makes more sense if there’s a few of you.  If you’re gasping for a late night drink it’s perfect? Fear not follow in that the footsteps of a generation of similarly deprived Dubliners. The pub is ideal For a low key beverage on a Saturday midday or early on a mid week evening.

The main bar is very sociable, Though it can fill up within five minutes once shows end in the Gaiety Theatre, just across the corner.

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