Responsible Wine Tours

Napa ValleyWine tourism.  Itself, it seems like a very eco friendly group doesn it?  Can’t you picture the train riding, Prius driving, Berkeley residents weekending in California’s Napa Valley.

Of course, from an eco perspective, we often need to make some small changes in tours and tourism to save the environment.  After all, every winery no matter if they are concerned only with the best wine they can make, or providing the best wine club around needs tourism to make money, but they need the environment to stay clean enough to continue to make outstanding wine.

So how does one stop the environmental drag which comes from wine tourism?

Start by carpooling.  Let’s face facts, a carpool will do more to help the ozone layer than anything else we talk about here.  Secondly, bring back the wine with you, don’t have it shipped.  Save those truck travels in delivering your wine!

Updated: December 9, 2012 — 10:23 pm
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