Live Music Vacation Entertainment in Spain

When on vacation, it’s great to be able to enjoy a beach or a pool during the day but at night, winding down in a live music bar is the perfect way to end a perfect day. There are some amazingly talented performers in many holiday locations around the world that can set your feet tapping, your heart racing or your whole body moving to the music.

In southern Spain, there are many music bars that provide a wide range of different styles with singers, musicians and full rock bands from many other European countries as well as home grown Spanish musicians, singers and bands. The amazing diversity is really something to experience as just about whatever your preference for live musical entertainment, you’ll find it on this sunny, fun coastal vacation destination.

While this highly attractive and warmest corner of the European continent may be a magnet for tourists from all over the world, it is certainly not the only place to enjoy good weather, good food and great night time entertainment. In summer, most of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea have their tourist attractions and resorts to make great holidays for people.

If the European mainland doesn’t attract you, then some of the popular island resorts are sure to. Places like the Greek islands, Cyprus, Malta, Sardinia, Sicily and the Balearics all make great summer vacation destinations with their own brand of live entertainment night after night.

But for me the best of them all will always be the Spanish towns and pueblos that make up the fascinating Costa del Sol. The sheer diversity of the many nationalities that make up the live music and entertainment scene here is what makes this place the preferred summer destination for me and my family.

Of course none of that talented entertaining would be possible if the artists themselves had not undergone many years of learning, practicing and perfecting their art. Getting good tuition at the outset of their careers is the cornerstone of every top professional performing artist, singer and musician and details of where to get the best music and singing coaching can be found at for those that are interested.

Enjoying the sound of polished and professional musical entertainment is the high point of any trip abroad and while many like to have their senses numbed by obviously amateur karaoke singers, I prefer to hear someone who has trained and worked hard to perfect their art singing to me!

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