Kuraburi in Thailand


Kuraburi is not a well known holiday destination in Thailand. It is a remote area surrounded by beautiful rolling hill scenery that is the northern corner of Phang-Nga Province, about 120 km south of Ranong City. Kuraburi is notable not only for the natural beauty of the area but also for the Kuraburi Greenview Resort which makes more effort than most other resorts in Thailand to be environmentally friendly.

It is often the case that the ‘eco’ or ‘sustainable’ label is used merely as window dressing in Thailand in order to charge customers a premium rate. One resort will have its own desalination plant, another will use locally sourced materials, and another might offer uPVC windows. All these measures help to reduce carbon emissions and conserve natural resources, but the measures are applied in a piecemeal way that reveals insincere motives on the part of the developers.

Although Greenview Resort in Kuraburi is far from perfect, they do make more of an effort to care for the natural environment. For a start, the resort is at a slight altitude. Despite charging mid-range prices the accommodation is without air-con. This is most unusual for Thailand where installing air-con is an obvious way to command higher rental fees. Rather the rustic cottages use clay and other natural materials to improve insulation in the rooms and keep out the heat. This improves the energy efficiency of the resort and greatly lowers its carbon foot print.

Another good eco-feature of Greenview Resort is the swimming pool which avoids chlorination and instead uses mountain water run off.

The resort is set around a gorgeous lake. There are several activities on offer such as kayaking, trekking, mountain biking and rock climbing. For those who love undisturbed nature it is a great spot. The only other things in the area is the bus stop and Klong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary where  elephant, gaur, tapir, serow, sambar, clouded leopard, sun bear, Great Argus, and king cobra can be spotted.

The park is well maintained and rarely visited. So if you want more of an ‘eco’ experience in Thailand that combines plenty to do, then Kuraburi is a good place to start.

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