Holiday in Devon – without leaving a footprint

When most people go on holiday, the environmental consequences are far from their mind. If you fancy saving a few air miles this summer, why not have a stay-cation by booking a hotel in Devon? Devon is a beautiful part of the world and there are a whole host of ways you can be kind to the environment whilst on holiday. All it takes is a few simple changes.

If you’re looking to take a day trip, why not check out Carshare Devon. The website will pair you up with travel buddies going the same way and you can share the trip. Not only will you save money on petrol, you’ll also be cutting down your carbon footprint and you might make some faithful travel companions too! Alternatively, why not hop on a local bus or take the train? Devon has a fantastic public transport system and the coastal buses will drop you right to the beach and pick you up again so there’s no need to worry about finding a parking space at some of Britain’s busiest beaches.

If you are hitting Devon’s beaches, don’t forget to take your rubbish home. Sounds simple, but the UK’s shorelines are littered with empty bottles and polystyrene fish and chip packaging. There will always be a bin nearby and throwing away your little makes the beach a safer place for everyone. After all you wouldn’t want your little one to stand on something nasty.

If you love a good barbeque why not throw out the disposables and invest in a bucket style barbeque. They’ll cost you a lot less in the long run and won’t end in landfill or left on the beach. You can find them everywhere and most fold up really small, so there’s no more to carry.

Fancying an eco-friendly day out? Why not cross the border into Cornwall and visit the Eden Project. The world’s largest rainforest in captivity, the Eden Project is run in the greenest way possible and most of the profits go back into charity work to educate kids on the importance of sustainable living. Plus, it’s a great day out that the whole family will love!



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