Grants Help to Restore Tourism

The State of Pasco County is to receive a huge grant of a quarter of a million dollars to help promote itself as a tourist destination.  The money comes from a share in the $44 million BP has put aside to help the area recover from the oil leak in 2010.

One of the main areas affected was the catering and hospitality sectors, this is because people were reluctant to order the seafood which was fished in the Gulf.  There are signs of recovery though and 2012 looks like being a bumper year for the county.

Pasco county doesn’t have the long sandy beaches of some of it’s neighbours, but it has ideas to become an eco tourism destination.  The natural coastline built up from mangroves and marshes are a huge source of wildlife and perfect to attract environmentally interested tourists,

The grants have been allocated to promote the area through a marketing campaign and also will be invested in a new website.  The idea is to make an interactive site and also allow some mobile functionality on the site for tablet and phone users.  The Tourism department is hoping to target certain areas for tourism as well – primarily Brazil, China and Japan.

Although there are some problems targeting visitors from China through social media and the web.  The difficulty is the heavy censorship and filtering that is applied to the Chinese ISPs meaning many people have to routinely use a new proxy every day to bypass these filters.  If you’re planning a visit it makes sense to get access to all the information you can – and if you’re in China then you’re first going to need an American IP address .  This video actually demonstrates how to access the US version of Netflix but it also demonstrates some software that allows you to change IP address at will –

You can only get The American Netflix if you’re based in the US so, it’s a useful test of how the software works.

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