Germany’s Secret Paradise Island

There are many beautiful islands across the world, many are well known tourist destinations.  But the Island of Sylt is perhaps largely unknown and it’s many visitors woudl rather it remained like that.

Sylt is situated in the German North Sea and is actually connected to the German mainland by a 14 km causeway.  You’ll need a lot of money to live on the island permanently as with many desirable locations – property is very expensive. There are some beautiful individual houses available on the island though if you have a few million Euros to spare.

So why is Sylt such a popular island? Well it’s certainly no Caribbean paradise, but one of it’s biggest advantage is the climate in some senses more like that of Egypt than Germany.  You may think that an Island in the German North Sea is not going to have a very mild climate but it does.   Sylt is kepy warm and sunny most of the year due to the Gulf stream passing right over the island.

The climate is supposed to be very healthy and many come here to ’regenerate their lungs’ in the warm, salty air.  There are lots of beaches in Sylt too – white, clean beaches with huge sand dunes seem to be around every corner.  The island is a magnate for the rich and wealthy of Germany although surprsingly hardly known internationally.

There are some world class restaurants, the island boasts six Michelin stars.  The island was once even more of a secret until the airlines of Lufthansa and Air Berlin started to fly to the Island.  Previously you would arrive only at the airport by a private plane or helicopter.  The island of Sylt now has over a million visitors a year.

If you are visiting from outside Germany then you’d be well advised to plan your trip well in advance.  Booking accomodation and restaurants ahead of your visit is vital at any time of the year particularly in the Summer.  You may find it easier to use the online website by using a German proxy server like this video example –

….which enables you to have a German IP address.

Sylt still has it’s peaceful spots though, especially around the Southern tip of the Island. There is a lovely little, peaceful fishing village called Hornum.  There is a nature reserve and bird sanctuary there too.  Sylt may be unknown but most people who visit can’t wait to come back.

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