Germans Take Their Holidays at Home

The Germans were once pretty famous for travelling far and wide on their holidays, but the latest survey of German tourism habits suggests that might be changing.  Last year just under half the population took their holidays in their  own country.  It was far and away the most popular holiday destination quite some distance from the second spot which was Spain.

Another factor that seemed to be changing was duration, last year only 60% took a holiday for more than five days, although this is presumably due to the shorter time needed for a domestic break.  The costs fell considerably too, with the average cost of the Summer break now costs 1063 Euros.

The most popular destination with Germany was the South side of the country, also lots of people visited the Black Forest and also the beautiful area around Lake Constance.  The trend for domestic holidays is expected to continue mainly due to the economic considerations of foreign travel.  Other people also cited the political upheaval in many areas which had previously been popular destinations for German tourists.

It’s a worrying statistic for many countries like Greece, Egypt and Spain which rely heavily in tourism in the economies.  Germans are always welcomed as popular visitors as they usually spend quite heavily often returning to the same resort over many years.   In fact in one tourism survey suggested that German tourists were among the best tippers in the world

There’s a lot more information about German tourism and destinations within Germany broadcast on their TV stations.  Unfortunately most of the are inaccessible without a German IP address , as they block access from outside the country.   This video explains how it’s possible to bypass these restrictions and access all the shows just like a resident –

Germany is definitely a great and often underrated tourism destination. It’s safe, clean and easy for English speakers were English is spoken widely. Berlin is one the world’s great cities and makes for a fantastic weekend break with lots to do including many galleries, museums and other attractions.


James Herriot

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