Following the Fruit Trail

There are growing numbers of people following a fruitarian diet today. If you have never heard of this lifestyle choice before then you may feel that it is an extreme kind of diet. You’ve probably guessed that a frutarian eats fruit. That’s about it. If all a person is going to eat is fruit, it’s imperative that they get enough calories from their food sources. Even though fruits are sent all around the world from where they are grown, to get the best quality produce, you really want to go to the regions where your fruits of choice originate.

In fact fruit holidays are a real and many people choose their holiday destinations based upon the types of fruits that can be found. It is the tropical countries that offer bountiful harvests whether it be in the Americas, e.g. Costa Rica or in Asia, e.g. Thailand. There are a wide range of options as to the countries that offer great fruit harvests. At home, many of us spend time searching for the best juicer in our efforts to stay healthy. But when we go on holiday we can enjoy eating some of the tastiest fruits on the planet.

Tropical fruits include bananas, mangoes, durian, guava, jack fruit, longan, lychees, mangosteen, pineapple and many others. For Americans and Europeans, some of these fruits can be hard to find at home while others are impossible to purchase. Even when we do find somewhere at home that sells these fruits, the quality may be questionable and the price fairly high. When we visit regions of the world where these fruits are grown, we can expect to pay low prices for delicious sweet fruit.

Updated: February 19, 2012 — 2:12 am
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