Fashions in Tourism

Every year there are new and changing fashions in tourism and you can see the differences throughout the years from when people used to travel to the coast, then when travelling abroad became an affordable option and now things appear to have gone full circle again.

Holidaying at home as it is known has seen a rise with people looking to get luxury accomodation and seeing parts of the UK that they have not before. Such destinations as the Scottish highlands are becoming more and more sought after for holidays and for luxury cottages Scotland is without a doubt the prime area to target.

Holidaying at home holds many advantages such as knowing the language, the cuisine and the kind of attractions in the surrounding areas. It also cuts out the stress and hassle of air travel as getting about the UK by car and train.

We may not have the kind of weather that you get on the continent but if you are lucky you can catch a nice couple of weeks. These days though the sun is not as craved due to our knowledge of the dangers and damage it can do to your skin so holidays at home may be getting more popular because of people trying to stay out of the sun.

Looking online at the incredible views and scenery that the UK has to offer it is little wonder that people are finally realising what they have on their own doorsteps. This tourism service will boost the economy of the country too so can be seen as only a good thing.

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