Entry Level Jobs from the Eco-Tourism Industry

People all over the world always listen to what globetrotters have to say about the rising trend of eco-tourism. In a report by the Scottish government’s seminar notes, 80% of UK travelers pay an extra 40 – 80 pounds for a night of stay at environment-friendly hotels. On the other hand, 90% says that it is the hotel’s accountability to support eco-tourism. The support of the budding interest in green tourism paved the way for many hotels, inns, apartments and resorts to provide entry level jobs.

  • Tour Guides – The venues of eco-tourism can be a great source of employment for tour guides possessing a comprehensive understanding of the environment. The job of a tour guide is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for people to see the world while receiving their paycheck and other benefits. Although it does not count on specific qualifications, those with bachelor’s degrees in hospitality and natural sciences are the perfect fit for this type of job.
  • Wildlife Preservation Coordinators – This is among few of the eco-tourism jobs that encourages the protection of animals, particularly endangered species, in their habitat. The Project Protection of Gorillas is one of the wildlife preservation centers dedicated in supporting the fortification of endangered species from commercial exposure. The job of a wildlife preservation coordinator is to develop eco-tourism plans such as where the tourists will stay and how much of the preserve they’ll have access to.
  • High Visitor Standards:  Just because they’re eco-friendly hotels doesn’t mean that visitors don’t demand high standards of service and hospitality.  Most hotels will offer all sorts of facilities like the ability to watch Match of the Day stream over the hotel wifi for example!
  • Hotel Staff – If you’re interested in travelling to a new location, working in an eco-friendly hotel is a great way to get involved in the green tourism industry. Unlike many eco-tourism careers today, hotel staff comprises of different positions to choose from. Some of these positions include guest services, housekeeping, hotel management and sales & marketing. To become part of the hotel staff, you must earn a degree in hospitality management (some positions do not necessarily require hospitality degree holders). An experience in attending seminars on eco-friendly tourism is an advantage.
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