Ecotour NYC?

Planning eco-friendly vacation is never easy. But some of the most eco-friendly vacations are those taken to cities. Cities offer a population density that the world could really learn to live with. If more people move to cities it would allow for more land to be left alone for natural forests to recover. That wouldn’t stop and large amount of the country from looking for summer houses to rent, but it could help.

In America the phenomenon known as urban sprawl Has transformed large swaths of the country and turned them into wasteful zones where all goods must be transported long distances. urban sprawl happens when new construction on vacant land is cheaper than upgrading and any existing structures.

In China there are efforts to focus its citizens into cities allowing them to work for large manufacturing industries. There has been a major push from the government in China to move rural people to the cities and jobs.  In 15 years China may start to have trouble feeding itself due to a lack of farm economy.

Sustainable tourism is best done in cities by eating organic and local. You can find great food and inspirational stories by speaking to locals. More often than not a city can offer a unique perspective on one of its immigrants culture is food. Just yesterday I had a taste of Peruvian influenced Chinese food. And it was absolutely delicious. all of the food was locally sourced, and used no pesticides in its growth. The flavors were incredible and the impact on the planet was minimal. Most of these things would be difficult to do in a remote location. By having the city around me in allows for a broader experience. It allows me to try flavors and scents that are not native to my region. and that fills my life with richness.

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