Eco-Friendly Travel Products Guide

As the idea of sustainable tourism heats up, so does the desire for eco-friendly travel products.  Consumers who wish to travel while causing minimal environmental damage frequently want to travel with eco-friendly products to further their environmental stance.  Here are a few eco-friendly travel products that you might enjoy:

Recycled travel bags:  Eco-friendly travel bags breathe new life into old trash, like bike inner tubes and scraps of velcro.  Check out the Flat Bags brand with bags starting at $45.

Corn plastic luggage tags:  Biodegradable luggage tags made from, you guessed it, corn!  These tags only run about $1.50 each — an inexpensive and eco-friendly solution.

E-readers:  You don’t need to kill trees to travel with your favorite books.  Look into buying a Kindle or a Nook so that you can read all of the books you want without wasting paper.

All-natural hair and skin products:  There are many all-natural products available that won’t damage the environment but will still make you look beautiful.  (One of our current favorites is a hair oil called mira hair oil — look up mira hair oil reviews to see what we’re so excited about!)

The next time you travel, consider the environmental impact of not only your mode of travel, but of the products you carry with you.


Updated: March 14, 2018 — 12:10 pm
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