Cricket Lover’s Dream Holiday – Antigua

There is no doubt that for any cricket lover, the West Indies will likely figure highly on their must visit places. In fact over twenty years ago my friends told me of a legendary visit to the West Indies to watch England in several tour matches, their tales were of parties and the atmosphere described as incredible.

Everything about the West Indies is about atmosphere, even down to the wonderful food. You can eat food from the street food shacks which sell a variety of fishy dishes with strange sounding names like ‘goat water’ or ‘bull foot’ soup. Nearly always spicy but full of fantastic flavors and often as good as the more stylish food restaurants which you’ll also find there.


In fact you don’t actually have to wait for International cricket to be on to visit Antigua. There is lots to do and you’ll always find some local matches going on, the costs of your holiday will likely be much less if you stay away from times when cricket teams with large followings are due.

Remember Antigua has over 350 beaches practically one for each day of the year. I can’t think of any island of that size with quite so many beaches. In fact there are plenty of places to relax you almost don’t need the cricket however many of the beach shacks and cafes also have wifi hotspots so you can fire up your laptop and listen to the cricket on a beach. In fact to complete one of my dream experiences you can even use this method – cricket outside UK to listen to the Test match Special too.

You can tell Antigua is a special place because many of the cricketers from yesteryear still holiday and visit here. Ian Botham is often there and many English, Australian and West Indian cricket team spend a lot of time on the island.

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