Tactics for Finding Cheap Domestic Airfares

You don’t have to pay a lot to fly from one part of your country to another! Of course getting cheap domestic flights is not always easy. You may have to look around before you find a flight at the price you want. Never assume you have to pay the full fare advertised by the airline, whether in a newspaper ad or online. You will, however, have to go out of your way to find this lower fare. The best airfares are saved for the fliers who know where to look for them. The tips given in this article will enable you to pay less for your next domestic flight.

Stay an extra day, leave on Sunday instead. Your airfare will drop drastically with a Saturday stay. This could mean flying during the week or even longer than a week (if you fly somewhere on Saturday) but the savings could make the extra time worth it. It has always been this way. Many people have known the Saturday night trick for decades. You’d be insane to not want a longer vacation for less money.

Do not change airline carriers. Fly on the same airline to your destination and back from your destination. This alone can save you big time because the airline will be appreciative or your patronage. If you stick with the same airline coming and going you will get a higher level of service at a lower cost. Another purpose for doing this is that it saves you money to purchase a round trip ticket compared with two one way tickets.

Your chosen flight will likely decrease in price so stay up to date on your flight before you buy wait for the right time. The best rate possible can be achieved by doing this. Watch the tickets you have already booked for potential price drops, this is an easy way to save money on airfare. If you see the price for the ticket drop below the price you have already paid, you can ask for a refund. If you haven’t paid for your ticket yet, you can simply do so when you notice that the prices have fallen into your budget. Keeping track of your chosen flights will also help keep you informed if there are any changes to the flight itself (like if it gets cancelled and you get bumped to another flight on the same airline). If you’re in a different county when booking, use a high speed VPN like this to ensure you get the domestic rate.

Cheap domestic flights aren’t that hard to get. The next time you fly, you can get a good rate, if you do your research. One tactic you can use is to simply request a better price when you buy your ticket. There is no reason you have to pay the advertised prices if you are aware that you have better options!

John Hastings

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