A Healthy Seaside Vacation

There is not much to beat a great vacation by the sea in a hot part of the world and staying at a truly wonderful resort with all the creature comforts. But did you know that taking a vacation by the sea is also really good for your health?

Well it is! In particular, it’s good for your respiratory health as well as being relaxing and de-stressing into the bargain. So what is this all about and why should you even care?

Given that you’re already keyed up and looking forward to spending some quality time relaxing in the sun and doing as little as possible for two weeks or so, the healthy aspect of holidaying in a beach resort is probably furthest from your mind. But that’s OK, since you don’t need to be consciously thinking about your physical state of being to benefit from the potent atmosphere of healthiness!

Salt Air Therapy

What’s really happening, with regards your breathing and respiratory system is that the additional levels of salt in the sea air is getting into your lungs and doing them a whole power of good. While you’re soaking up the sun, your bronchial airways are soaking up the salty air and benefitting from its powerful healing properties.

The salty air helps to gently cleanse the airways of debris, particularly excess phlegm and mucous that can cause blockages in especially in the narrower tubes (see clearairways for more details). This is as its gentle antibacterial property kills harmful bacteria and heals infections that can cause inflammation and narrowing of those airways.

A Vacation Rejuvenation

But of course all that is really not so important to you as leaving all your cares and problems far behind you as you enjoy all the rest and relaxation that a great beach vacation can offer. It’s more than just a means of getting away from it all for a couple of weeks, as it is a rejuvenating time in more ways than you could possibly know.

Jetting off to the sunshine and lazy days is more reviving to the body, mind and soul than just about anything else. It’s why we do it in the first place!

When you get down to the beach, remember to take in deep draughts of that clean sea air and remember that it’s doing you a power of good. So while you chill on a sun bed and let the sun do its thing to your skin, spare a thought for your grateful lungs and nasal passages because they’re getting their very own yearly service and restoration too.

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