Why You Should Visit Tomar,a Historical City in Portugal

Have you ever been to a place that takes your breath away? Tomar, Portugal is so beautiful it will leave you speechless! Nestled in the heart of Central Portugal, this small idyllic city offers visitors an unforgettable experience. It’s no wonder why people from all over the world flock here for its stunning views and rich culture. Here are three reasons why everyone should take a trip to this magical town at least once in their lifetime.

This ancient city has something for everyone – from awe-inspiring architecture to delicious local cuisine. Its 12th century castle looms majestically above the surrounding landscape, offering breathtaking aerial views of the countryside below. The Convento de Cristo, built by the Knights Templar, is another architectural masterpiece not to be missed; its intricate stonework and grandeur make it one of Portugal’s most visited monuments. For those who like exploring history through food, there’s plenty of traditional Portuguese dishes on offer such as cozido à portuguesa (Portuguese stew) or bacalhau com natas (codfish with cream).

convento de cristo tomar

The atmosphere is truly special; it’s hard not to feel relaxed and welcomed here. If you’re looking for peace and tranquility after a long day of sightseeing then look no further than Largo da República –the main square that comes alive every evening with locals enjoying drinks and tapas in cafés and restaurants.

There are also plenty of outdoor activities available nearby: hiking up Mount Saint John provides spectacular panoramic views across Northern Portugal while windsurfing along Alviela River gives adventurers an adrenaline rush they won’t forget anytime soon!

Overview of Tomar

We visited here after flying to Lisbon from Rotterdam, then it’s a two hour drive.  This city offers visitors the chance to explore stunning architecture, ancient historical sites and unique cultural experiences. With its abundance of churches and monasteries, Tomar is sure to captivate anyone interested in religious history. The most popular attraction however is Convento de Cristo – an incredible 12th century monastery founded by the Knights Templar. Its impressive stone walls hide elegant cloisters decorated with intricate carvings that have been preserved over centuries.

The city’s cobblestone streets are lined with inviting cafes and bars offering delicious traditional Portuguese dishes along with plenty of opportunities for people-watching. In addition, there are numerous shops selling local handicrafts like pottery and jewelry; perfect souvenirs for those looking for something truly special from their trip. For nature lovers, there are many hiking trails around the surrounding countryside providing spectacular views of rolling hills and lush green forests as far as the eye can see.

As if all this weren’t enough, the city invites travelers to discover its fascinating past through visits to some of its oldest landmarks such as the Church of Santa Maria do Olival and the Roman Temple ruins found on the outskirts of town – both must-sees for any curious visitor. From exploring old churches to tasting regional cuisine to simply relaxing under a shady tree at one of the many picturesque parks – it’s no wonder why so many choose this charming destination when planning their next getaway.

History And Culture

Tomar, a city with an enduring history and culture, is a rewarding destination to explore. With its picturesque fortress, churches and convents it offers visitors a unique insight into the country’s rich past. From Romanesque origins to the impact of Portuguese rule, there are many stories awaiting discovery in this historical town.

First and foremost is the Convento de Cristo; built on the order of Gualdim Pais back in 1160 as part of the Knights Templar heritage site. At its heart sits the Church of Santa Maria do Olival which was constructed between 1209 and 1223. Its architecture has been described as one of Portugal’s finest examples of Gothic style with elements from both Romanesque and Manueline styles also visible throughout. The convent itself contains various chapels dedicated to saints who have had links to the Order of Christ over time – making it an important pilgrimage site for those interested in religious studies or spiritual journeys.

The old Jewish quarter is another fascinating area that should not be missed when visiting Tomar. Once home to thousands of Jews during medieval times until their expulsion at the end of 15th century, today it retains much of its original character with cobbled stone streets lined by whitewashed buildings adorned with blue tiles or azulejos depicting scenes from daily life centuries ago. This vibrant district serves as a reminder that despite all odds, communities can still come together through adversity while preserving traditions across generations – something we can learn from even today!

As you wander around Tomar, don’t forget to stop by some local establishments such as cafés or restaurants where you will find delicious cuisine prepared using traditional recipes passed down over years – further adding to your experience here in this beautiful corner of Portugal. Ready to uncover more about Tomar? Let us move on now towards our next topic: Climate & Weather…

Climate And Weather

If you’re looking for a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life,then  Tomar in Portugal has a wonderful climate.  Like most of Portugal it can get pretty hot in Summer but there’s plenty of shade. Boasting an average temperature of 16-20°C (61-68°F) during the summer months, it’s easy to see why so many people from all around the world flock here. The weather is milder along the coast but can be quite hot inland – ideal if you want to sunbathe or just relax in nature’s embrace.

The winter season brings with it cooler temperatures ranging between 4-13°C (39-55°F), but don’t let that put you off; this is when Tomar truly comes alive. As snowflakes fall on numerous hillsides covered in lush vegetation, locals wrap up warm and enjoy traditional festivities while visitors marvel at what they experience before their eyes. With plenty of activities such as skiing, ice skating and sledging available, you’ll never run out of things to do!

Tomar has something special about it throughout every season: its temperate climate means that whatever time of year, there will always be something new and exciting awaiting your discovery. From cultural events to outdoor activities and natural wonders – Tomar holds an abundance for those seeking memories that last forever. Onwards we go then into discovering more about this unique town’s natural beauty…

Natural Beauty

The beauty of Tomar is like a song that never ends, with each chorus more beautiful than the last. Rivers weave their way through rolling hills and vivid green meadows, while ancient forests blanket the landscape in shades of deep emerald. Everywhere you look, nature’s grandeur takes your breath away.

In the center of town lies Parque Natural do Tejo Internacional; a true gem filled with wildflowers, lush vegetation and captivating wildlife. Hiking trails follow along winding riverside paths and offer unobstructed views of the surrounding countryside. Kayaking, canoeing, and fishing are also popular activities to enjoy here.

Tomar truly has something for everyone including crystal clear lakes surrounded by rugged cliffs perfect for cliff jumping or just soaking up some sun. Whether it be an early morning walk on one of its many trails or simply standing atop a hillside overlooking miles of untouched wilderness, Tomar will leave visitors feeling inspired and filled with awe at its natural beauty.

Historical Sites

Moving from the natural beauty to its historical sites. This city’s past dates back centuries and it has left behind some incredible archaeological monuments for us to discover today.

The first must-see site is the Convento de Cristo: an ancient Templar stronghold built by Gualdim Pais on orders from King Afonso Henriques in 1160 as part of the Reconquista movement against Islamic forces. Built with Romanesque and Gothic styles, this fortress-monastery features majestic walls surrounding a large castle that overlooks the riverside town below. Inside you can find several churches, tombs, terraces and cloisters filled with beautiful tilework depicting scenes of knights battling Moors.

Another popular attraction is the Charola Rotunda: a round chapel inside the Convento de Cristo. It was constructed by master stonemason Diogo Rodrigues between 1560-1580 and is considered one of Portugal’s most impressive religious buildings due to its unique design featuring eight columns topped with intricate carvings around the perimeter. The 16th century frescoes adorning both the interior and exterior make it stand out even more.

A visit to Tomar wouldn’t be complete without seeing these historical sites – they are sure to leave visitors with a sense of awe at what once was here many years ago. With such rich cultural heritage, it’s easy to understand why people come from all over the world to explore this magical city firsthand. Now let’s take a look at where you can go shopping and dining while in Tomar!

Shopping And Dining Experiences

Tomar offers a delightful shopping and dining experience for all. Its charming cobblestone streets are filled with independent stores, boutiques, markets, and restaurants. Here you can find everything from local artisan crafts to souvenirs. But the true joy comes in exploring the traditional eateries that offer both Portuguese specialties as well as international cuisine.

The town is home to several Michelin-starred restaurants where one can savor delectable dishes made with fresh ingredients sourced locally. For those looking for something more casual there’s an abundance of cafes offering delicious pastries and coffee or tea throughout the day. There are also numerous bars and pubs serving up craft beers, wines, and spirits along with tasty snacks and tapas.

Whatever your taste buds desire, Tomar has it! From seafood delicacies to vegetarian options – there’s something here to please everyone’s palate. So come explore this quaint port town; whether you’re after a gourmet meal or just want some good company over drinks, Tomar has got you covered! Transitioning into next section: When your stomach is full from a delicious meal, why not spend some time checking out the accommodation options available?

Accommodation Options

Tomar, Portugal is a great place to visit for anyone looking for rest and relaxation. The town has plenty of accommodation options that will suit any traveler’s needs. From luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels, you can find the perfect spot to stay in Tomar.

To start off there are some of the most luxurious resorts in all of Portugal located right by the river Nabao. These places offer high-end amenities like private pools and spas as well as beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. If you’re looking for something more affordable, there are also smaller boutique hotels with individually designed rooms overlooking the city or nearby parks. For those on a tight budget, there are several bed & breakfasts and hostels scattered around town where you can get a comfortable night’s sleep without breaking the bank.

The best part about staying in Tomar is its central location within Portugal. There are numerous transportation connections to other major cities so it’s easy to explore beyond Tomar if desired. With such an array of accommodation choices at your fingertips, why not make your next trip to Tomar unforgettable?

Transportation Connections

When visiting Tomar, Portugal, transportation connections are easy and stress-free. The town offers a variety of options to get around the area with ease. Public bus service is available from Monday through Saturday at regular intervals throughout the day. Additionally, there are taxis and car rentals that can be used for convenience or exploring further distances away from Tomar.

Tomar also has good train connections within Portugal as well as some international routes too. For those looking to take in some breathtaking sights while traveling between cities, many times its best to ride by rail. It’s often said that you get to experience more of what a place has to offer when taking it slow on two rails than if you were driving overland yourself.

For those who prefer air travel, Lisbon International Airport is just under an hour’s drive away from Tomar providing direct flights all across Europe and beyond. Whether its taking public transport or opting for something more convenient like renting a car or flying into Lisbon airport, getting around this beautiful part of Portugal couldn’t be any easier!

Our Summary

Tomar is a must visit if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in Portugal. With its rich history, charming culture and beautiful natural surroundings, it’s sure to leave you feeling like you’ve stepped back in time. From the majestic Convent of Christ to the tranquil waters of Lake Santa Clara, it has something for everyone. The weather is mild with plenty of sunshine throughout the year, perfect for exploring the area on foot or taking advantage of all it has to offer. Shopping and dining experiences are also top notch – you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or fun-filled family vacation, Tomar can provide everything your heart desires. And with easy transportation connections nearby and great accommodation options, there’s no reason not to make this fairytale Portuguese town part of your next holiday itinerary—you won’t regret it! Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity; hop over to Tomar today and let yourself get swept away by its timeless charm!

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