Why the Philippines is Becoming a Top Tourist Destination

Many people from the Western world will head over to Asia to see a lot of the different sights, cultures and countries in the area. Popular destinations such as China, Japan and Thailand have received a lot of visitors over the years and are now solid, popular countries to visit if you’re wanting to visit South-East Asia and experience a totally different culture from the Americas and Europe.

But, there are a number of other countries on the rise when it comes to both tourism and business outsourcing. Vietnam is becoming increasingly traveled by tourists looking to bask in the warm Asian sun and enjoy a slightly lower cost of living than they are used to in the west. So too if the Philippines, where many tourists are flocking to the beaches in Boracay and Palawan, where the sand is golden, people speak really good English, and the usual Asian smile and ’whatever we can do for you will be our pleasure’ attitude is abundant.

There are lots of guides for the above countries but not many for the Philippines. This is because the country really hasn’t seen a whole lot of tourists than other countries. Maybe because of the Westernization of the country, where most people can converse in English or maybe it’s because as soon as people visit the capital then they aren’t sure of where else to go; especially when the country has over 7,000 different islands for you to adventure.

If you’re thinking about the Philippines as a great destination then knowing the top ten things to do in the Philippines will set your schedule jam packed with interesting adventures and amazing views. Whether you’re a traveler who enjoys seeing the cultural and historic parts of the country, or one who enjoys lazing around on the beach with the waves crashing in, then you’ll find a few guides to help you there.

The Philippines is becoming an increasingly popular place since the recent Bourne film was shot there (well, most of it anyway), so if you want to sail away like they do at the end of the film then heading towards Boracay will be firmly on your list of things to do. But, don’t forget to try some of the restaurants: popular Western and Asian food is served that will help nourish your appetite.


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