Why Not Travel?

I consider myself very lucky.  Travel is in my blood.  Although my mother is not a particularly keen traveller my father has been all over the world.  Before him, his dad – my grandfather also travelled throughout the world.

A couple of years ago then, my mum and dad where not surprised when I told them I was off on a year long adventure.  My friends asked me all the clichéd questions about ‘trying to find myself’ but that wasn’t the plan.  The plan was to get out of suburban England and see what else this fine world has to offer.  But don’t worry I took a little piece of home with me, just invested in a mobile VPN app which allowed me to watch UK TV in the USAsee here, and other countries while travelling.

I was lucky enough to go and see many beautiful countries and many poor countries.  Many places I visited where steeped in history and I even visited lands where previous oppressors had tried to eradicate history.  I met people who smiled and loved to see foreigners and I met others who showed real distain to outsiders.  I saw good deeds been done and I saw foul play take place.

What I can say, is that I, Aaron Polson, had a great time and had my mind opened to the possibilities in life.  Since that original trip I have managed to visit plenty of other countries and plan to visit many more.  Next on the list for me is Sri Lanka – a real land of intrigue.  Where are you going next?

Jim Polson

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