What to See and Do in Bologna

There’s lots of things to do in Bologna and indeed in the surrounding region. This video gives you a few ideas of how you can spend a long weekend or even in a little longer. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the video and it’s worth subscribing to their YouTube channel if you find it useful (click on the video to get that option on YouTube)

Benvenuti en Emilia Romagna! I’m here with Nick who was born and raised in this region and today we want to show you what you can see it and do in Bologna and Emilia Romagna. Where should we start? Nick: We should start in Bologna which is the capital of the region! I’m up for a coffee… what do you recommend? Nick: Cafe Terzi, they have the best coffee in Bologna! The Must visit spot if you’re visiting Bologna are the Due Torri (the two towers) you can get on top of the Torre Asinelli where you have possibly the best view over the city! I’m a bit more hungry and Nick told me we should go to this place. Why? Nick: Well, this place is the Osteria del Sole the oldest wine bar in Bologna and the good thing is you only buy the drinks like a glass of wine for two Euros and you can bring your own food from outside.

Steve: Let’s try it out! I arrived in the Autodromo di Modena and behind me you can see and hear the car I’m about to drive now 🙂 After driving one I now have a look at more nice cars here in the Ferrari Museum in Maranello I’m here with max, the chef of this restaurant and he will show me some dishes and maybe I’m also allowed to try out something!? we’ll see…

After all this typical food it’s time for…Gelato! Gelato, Tortellini, Ferrari and…Tifosi! Today we’re going to the stadium to see a football match! and of course we will cheer for San Mauro. Today we are about to go hiking This is Riccardo, my guide and we will hike in…which park? Riccardo: In the Paruqe Nazional Foreste Casentinesi. Steve: Alright let’s check out the nature! mountain biking this is also possible in the Emilia Romagna We are right at the border to Tuscany which is over there! I’m about to hop on the bike with these guys here: Alvaro, Andrea and Massimo Let’s hop on! …and what is the most important thing in Italy after doing some sport? Of course the food! We are now in Alvaros restaurant where we will charge up our batteries If you need a break from Emilia Romagna you can also go abroad…to San Marino which is the world’s oldest Republic.

When in Italy you shouldn’t miss going to the beach and this is also possible in Emilia Romagna… in Rimini! We’re back in Bologna and this has been this episode from Emilia Romagna Nick: Yeah come and visit us! if you like to see more cool travel videos don’t miss out to subscribe to this channel and we will see each other in the next episode until then Arrivederci! .

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