Visiting Denmark to learn about wind and solar power

If you haven’t visited Denmark yet you should consider giving it a chance. There is a lot more to this little country beside the little mermaid, Jomfru Anegade and Carlsberg. Denmark is one of the leading countries in green energy and has some of the largest windturbine factories in the world. They are also among the leading countries in solar power with companies like Solceller also trying to improve the way the suns energy is used to heat our homes or provide us with cheap green electricity. Especially solceller is worth visiting if you are near Denmark as they offer guided tours where you can learn the basics about solar energy and see how some of the many solar collections are made in the Solceller production halls. To find out more on how you can go on one of these tours take a look here at their website on

At Solceller you can also see a small museum where they various old types of solar collectors and you can easily see how they go from a huge 25×25 feet solar collection which can barely power a single light bulb to a 5×5 inch solar collection which can power 50. It’s a fashinating trip through time if you are into green energy or just want to see future of electric before everybody else, then Solceller is a great place to visit.

You should also give tivoly in Copenhagen a try if you are near there, you can find better rides other places but in no other amusement parks do you eat this well or find this level of ideal happiness just by walking around in this park which is over a hundred years old.

If you are in Jutland consider the Foråp Summerland theme park with a forest theme, which is great for both adults and kids alike or the Randers Rainforest if you want to study exotic animals up close.

If the weather is great and it’s the middle of the summer then they got some fantastic beaches around northern Jutland with fine white sand and shallow waters which are ideal for most children.

Should you be visiting Fyn, do check out the home of H.C Andersen which is still preserved as it was when he lived there, and of course a visit to Solceller should not be forgotten either if you are near Fyn or wants to experience something a little different.

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