Visit Botswana for Your Next Safari

Botswana, one of Africa’s most secure nations, is the continent’s longest continuous multiparty democracy. It has a great human rights record and is comparatively free of corruption.

It’s also the world’s biggest producer of diamonds as well as the commerce has transformed it into a mid-income country.

Botswana shields some of Africa’s biggest areas of wilderness. Since it’s so dry, it’s sparsely populated.

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Botswana is attempting to lessen its economic reliance on diamonds, moving to improve employment and local company by supporting more worth to be added to diamonds locally.

There are some problems in the country, during the problems in Zimbabwe it has been swamped with illegal immigrants seeking to escape the rule of Robert Mugabe.  There is also a real problem with HIV-AIDs infection, in fact it has one of the highest infection rates anywhere in the world.

Some estimates have suggested that as many as one in three adults in the country is infected with the virus.   It does have an advanced treatment programme in place though and there are no shortages of anti-viral drugs to treat the condition.  The high rates mean that there are many orphaned children though and the life expectancy in the country is extremely poor despite the economic success.

If you’re looking for a luxury safari holiday though, Botswana is a great choice.  They have some wonderful safari parks in addition to a safe and stable government. They get many visitors from all over Europe in particular from Germany. I visited some years ago from a holiday based in Zimbabwe (in better times) – Botswana was a wonderful place.  They have even invested in some decent internet infrastructure, get yourself a fake IP from somewhere like this site and you can even watch the latest David Attenborough documentary on your laptop at the same time.

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