Unusual Chinese Tourist Attraction

There’s some wierd and wonderful attractions around the world and most of them I’d love to see but not sure about this one.  China has unveiled an intention to open the site at which it exploded it’s first atomic bomb as a tourist attractions.

The project has only just commenced but nearly a million dollars has been earmarked ensuring that the site at the Malan Base in Zinjiang is ready for tourists.  Alongside the site you’ll be able to see the labroatories where the scientists used to work.  Also there is apparently a 300 metre tunnel which was used for air strikes.

It’s a long time since China tested it’s first A bomb – 16th October 1964 to be exact.  Since then it exploded about 40 more in a variety of tests which stopped in the 1990s.  The site is being jointly developed by the local University and the Local Government.

The idea is that it forms one of many tourist attractions based on history of China.  It is also hoped that it will assist what is a very remote and deprived area of China.  It will probably take some getting there unless the Chinese Government subsidise the travel or improve the local infrastructure.

If you visit China with your laptop or mobile device remember that the internet there is very heavily filtered.  If you want to watch shows from home you’ll need to invest in your own UK IP address (or whichever country you call home) – there’s a video on this page which demonstrates the process – http://www.anonymous-proxies.org/2009/02/using-iplayer-abroad-viewing-bbc-via.html.  

If you don’t I wouldn’t bother taking your laptop at all as so much of the internet is restricted by the Great Firewall of China.  They heavily restrict what you can access from within the country, when you’re connected through a Chinese ISP. If you’re there for any length of time, it’s almost essential to invest in some way to hide your real IP address.

This Video is also available on YouTube – entitled – Fake IP address. It shows you how easy it is to use a system to hide your real IP address and route your connection through another source.

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