Travelling Tips for Tourists

We all love our holidays but if you’re keen on protecting the environment and reducing your carbon footprint, you can be left feeling a little guilty.   Well here’s a few little pointers to help minimise the impact of your trip.

  • Choose your Travel Agency/Holiday company on the basis of their Eco Credentials.
  • Be aware of local customs, culture and history.
  • Try and research their local eco systems.

When you’re actually there, make sure you wear appropriate clothing, you should certainly take to observe local customs.  Be careful if you are taking pictures of locals and sites – some people do not like this and also there may be some restrictions for security reasons in some places.   Wherever you can try and use local services, shops, hotels and transportation to help the local economy.  It’s best to go direct to the locals if you can as then they benefit directly and not some foreign owned tourism company.

Be sensible about what you consume, try and eat and drink like the locals.  If you buy expensive foreign imported goods then you are encouraging the expensive transportation of this stuff.  One good example is purchasing newspapers from your home country – these are flown all across the globe and sold at several times they’re normal price.  If you want to keep up with the news, take a laptop with you and use the internet.  You can use this to keep up to date at no cost.  For instance this website shows you how you can watch UK TV in the USA or any other country you may be in.

If you act, buy and behave in a similar way to the locals you’ll usually be minimising your impact on the environment.  You’ll also probably enjoy your trip more and get to know the area and locals much better.  There’s some more good stuff on this site – Americans Netflix.



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