Travelling Responsibly – Eco Advice

Of course there is always going to be an impact whenever we travel anywhere.  Our carbon footprint will grow as soon as we get on any form of transport however it is still possible to travel responsibly with regards the environment.  One of the best ways to ensure you do travel sensibly is to select a ’green’ travel provider.  Check out their credentials and the practices that they incorporate into their business.

Education is vital, if you stumble into a country unware of the local history, traditions and customs it is going to be doubly difficult.  Doing your research can also save a lot of money – plan your trip and travel requirements carefully.  For example on arriving at a new airport it can be tempting to jump into a taxi to reach your accomodation.  However research will normally reveal the location and times of bus routes which invariably serve most airports both large and small.

I find technology is a great enabler to do research both on and before a trip.  When travelling for a while I usually take my Ipad or a Laptop.  The extra weight in my luggage is negligible and the ability to research online easily makes up for it.  Incidentally you may find that access to your home web sites may be blocked in many countries.  There are various reasons – either filtering by the country you’re travelling in or geotargeting by the website  themselves.  If you have this situation then it can easily be rectified via a cheap VPN or proxy.

This post here shows how you can use a security service to watch anything – even BBC Iplayer Abroad – check this out  It shows how to access the BBC but the technique works for all location based filters and blocks.  Well worth the investment particularly when travelling in certain countries.

One of the most difficult issues is the cost of air travel to your carbon footprint.  There’s not much you can do about this other than offset the cost in someway, there are quite a few who offer carbon offset services.

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