Travel Entertainment

For the millions of people who travel and tour the world every year there is an opportunity for companies to reach them. The vast majority of people will take some form of entertainment and that can vary from computer games, tablets and books to magazines or newspapers. Having a good print campaign targeting these travellers will ensure great coverage for a company.

American DNs for Netflix

Most airlines will have their own inflight magazine that will promote themselves as well as associated companies or those that pay to advertise. Print management companies can take care of these kind of projects and ensure that they are of the highest standards. Storage and distribution will also be taken care of.

It is such an easy market to target and more companies are starting to pay attention to these kind of options that are available to them. As well as magazines like these you also have trade magazines that will reach other people in your market and can help you gain some kind of influence as well as network with people and businesses that may benefit your interests in the long term.

People are captivated by great imagery and a good campaign will take advantage of that so getting the right help to make sure you get your target audience and produce a great product is important.

Heather Williams

Author of BBC iPlayer in Spain

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