The Colors of Tourism

Of the five senses it is perhaps the sense of sight that is most affected by traveling. This is no doubt why photography remains one of the main ways for people to record their experiences while abroad. Places that appeal to our sense of sight inspire us. We travel thousands of miles to see amazing natural landscapes, stunning architecture, vibrant market scenes and the dazzling colors of the natural world. All of this is perhaps so obvious that it is often overlooked by those who comment on the subject of world tourism.

Those whose businesses rely on tourism often no instinctively the power of colors to entice customers into their restaurants, shops and hotels. One of the most notable things I noticed while traveling around South America was the use of vibrant and rich colors to decorate houses, guest houses and hotels. Often cheap backpacker places made their establishments seem more appealing and luxurious than they really were just by using oranges, yellows and greens on selective interior walls.

It is not just the lower end tourist spots that use color successfully. It is also the high end places, especially boutique places. Take for example, Shanghai Mansion located in the heart of Chinatown in Bangkok. It is an award winning hotel that has a jazz bar, water garden and features antique furniture. It is a themed hotel that uses motifs from 1930s Shanghai style.

However, one ofr the stand-out apsects of the hotel is the clever use of color throughout the hotel. The rooms look spectacular using orange, turquoise, olive greens, terracotta, red and yellow. It might sound garish but the interior designs bring all these colors together into a harmonious whole. The colors make guests want to linger in their rooms and in public spaces. Putting aside all the luxury facilities of the Shanghai Mansion Hotel it is perhaps this daring use of color that really defines this hotel and makes it so successful.

In cotnrast many big chain hotels use muted pastel colors. Often the colors run throughout the building and create a drab uniformity. This might reassure some people, but for others it reveals a lack of thought and definitely doesn’t inspire people to take out their camera and capture the moment.

To see more of the colors of Shanghai Mansion check out the Bangkok Boutique Hotels Facebook Page.

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