Sustainable Wine Tourism

One of the great problems with the wine industry, wine tourism and specifically most wine clubs are not even close to environmentally sustainable or efficient.

The average wine tourist flies thousands of miles and then drives even further, often in a small group.  Most of us that study the issue can tell you that the average wine consumer enjoys themselves much more when they have a small group instead of a tour bus, so it isn’t like filling larger vehicles is even going to be helpful.

So how can we make wine tourism sustainable?  Let’s start by working with airlines to give back to environmental causes based on these, often small flights.  Secondly, let’s make sure that every winery (not just the extremely high end) has some type of soil and land preservation system in place.  Without these types of changes, there really isn’t any good way to make sure that wine, wine tourism and a wine club shipping bottles across the country every month…..are being good members of the environmental community.

Updated: January 16, 2012 — 7:59 pm
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