Reducing Tourism To Minimise Environmental Damage Is A False Economy

The only way, in my humble opinion, to reduce the negative effect on the environment by people travelling to far off holiday resorts is to stop them travelling in the first place. Although the tourist will inadvertentally damage the environment whilst travelling, he does bring economic benefits to the country he visits and, as many of the more exotic holiday resorts have little industry to boost their economies, any planned reduction of tourism would really hurt the people of these countries.

Travelling on holiday and business will damage the environment, as will international trade with the resulting movement of goods. I have a business selling gifts with the customer’s coat of arms and I send these all over the world. The packages containing the coat of arms gifts travel by ‘plane, which damages the ozone during the flight. However, to stop me sending my coats of arms in order to minimise the damage to the ozone layer will instead damage my business.

I suggest that a better way to minimise damage to the environment is to concentrate on other ways to reduce environmental damage such as the introduction of electric cars and improving the insulation of homes in cold climates, both of which will reduce the amount of fossil fuel that is burnt. I will happily drive an electric car, thereby reducing my personal carbon footprint, if it enables my business to continue to send coats of arms products to customers around the world.

Updated: January 16, 2012 — 9:32 am
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