Maintaining a low carbon footprint on holiday

It is obviously important to keep your carbon footprint as low as possible in the currant climate, which is why many people are choosing to holiday in the countries where they live. Despite this, when they get to their destination, they are still using cars, motorbikes, and camper-vans to get around; this makes the decision to avoid air travel meaningless. I’ve recently returned from a stay-cation in the south of England, Devon to be precise, and found that a great way to get around was on horseback.

As I was looking at things to do in the area, I found that there are a great deal of tracks and coast paths to explore, but as I’m not the most active person in the world, I did not fancy having to walk or cycle for miles everyday to explore my surroundings. I used to ride horses when I was younger, and easily found a riding school in Tavistock that offered guided treks around the untamed landscape of Dartmoor. After one quick call I was booked in and ready to go. I found that it was a great way to see the majestic countryside that Devon has to offer, and as I was not worried about falling off a bike or negotiating tricking paths on foot, I could totally concentrate on the sights and sounds that encompassed me. An added benefit to being on horseback was that I had a better vantage point and could see for miles across the moor, and see the diverse wildlife that resides in the area from a better angle. Of course, this would not have been possible if I was on the back of one of the Shetland ponies that are native to the area.

For anyone like me, who does not typically engage in strenuous activities, this is the best way to get around without tiring yourself out. You will gain a better appreciation for your environment, as well as being able to maintain it.


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