Environmental Tourism Concerns

The greenhouse effect is like a garden greenhouse whose temperature is not maintained properly. Read on to find out what you can do to help save our planet.

If you are considering traveling, then you should know that world tourism is a critical issue. As a tourist, you need to be aware of various environmental issues that threaten to destroy natural habitats and wildlife sanctuaries. Although you cannot change certain things alone, such as the big companies that pollute our oceans, rivers, lakes and other ecosystems with industrial oil production and fracking, what you can do is to become aware of basic environmental issues and to make sure that you strictly keep to these values to protect the planet we live on.

Shrinking coral reefs

Coral reefs are beautiful to behold, and I’m sure you have felt at some time that you would like to have some decorative coral in your bathroom. Many people who go traveling to exotic tropical locations and also go scuba diving in coral reefs will break off parts of the coral to dry and take back to their houses. But did you know that coral is actually alive? Did you know that this can start a process that kills much of the reef? What if everyone did this, would there be any coral left in the sea? You should consider some decorative plastic coral for your bathroom and leave the coral where it belongs — in the ocean.

Hiking and mountaineering

There’s a reason why park rangers are always going on about staying on the trails and it’s because there are many flora and fauna which are endangered. You could inadvertently destroy a rare plant or crush a rare insect or reptile. In addition to this, the hiking trails go through areas that have a minimal impact on erosion, whereas if you would just go anywhere you wanted, then you might erode significant parts of the natural habitat you are in. If everyone did this, the effect would be cumulative and after a while top soil would disappear, underbrush would become damaged and that can cause landslides and flooding in the spring. It’s very important that as a world tourist, you stay on the marked trails.

Cultural heritage

As a world tourist, when you visit historical and cultural treasures, you should be very careful to leave them intact. If you are visiting castle ruins in Europe, do not break parts of the walls off as souvenirs. Be careful when you are in museums and make sure you do not damage anything. Also, many countries prohibit their cultural treasures being removed, so be careful you do not bring any rare paintings or coins with you as there are serious consequences if this is discovered.

The greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect is a bit like garden greenhouses. The sun shines in the top and the plants wither and die inside if they are not taken care of and the temperature is not regulated inside. That’s what our planet is like too. Carbon dioxide emissions are slowly destroying the atmosphere and also heating up the temperature at the same time, which means the earth warms up globally. Our planet is not like greenhouses for sale — we can’t just get up and go to a new one when it’s used up. We have to take care of it now, while we still can.

So do your part!

Updated: February 17, 2012 — 8:54 pm
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