Ensure your Health Prior to Traveling

Prior to traveling, it’s important to ensure that you’re in good health to prevent any physical confoundments while away from home.  Hypertension is important to monitor to mitigate the it’s risks.  Utilize a blood pressure chart to ensure your heart’s health.

Hospitals keep and maintain charts for patients. The charts allow the medical staff to chart a patient’s progress. They let the nurses and doctors know if a particular individual is getting worse or better. These charts include a patient’s pulse, his blood pressure, his temperature, and any other items that medical professionals need to monitor in order to provide better care. 

An individual can keep a Blood pressure Chart at home without too many problems. He does not need all of the information a hospital or doctor’s office includes. The only place of equipment he needs to do this is an item designed to monitor a patient’s blood pressure.  If he cannot find one or cannot afford one, many pharmacies have stations that allow an individual to take his blood pressure. These machines also include equipment that can measure the pulse. The design of the cuff allows this rather readily. Most cuffs include sensors that act as a stethoscope. The manual version allows the medical professional to take the pulse and blood pressure at the same time as well.

The chart  is an even older technology. It requires pen and paper. An individual should take his blood pressure twice a day to get the statistic. A person’s blood pressure changes throughout the day. It can also vary depending on the presence or absence of certain minerals. Sodium and potassium are known to have an affect on this statistic. Doctors may prescribe a low-sodium diet for people with high blood pressure. They may also put the patient on medication that controls the condition.

Although high blood pressure receives more attention, it is not the only possibility. Low blood pressure can cause just as many problems. The same chart can help patients keep track of this as well.

Updated: March 21, 2013 — 5:59 am
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