Egyptian Resort of Hurghada

If you are seeking a place with excellent scuba diving combined with low cost quality properties that are seeing strong capital gains & good rental income potential then why not consider investing in Egypt property along the beautiful Red Sea.

Red Sea Coastline
Those who have been lucky enough to Dive in the Red Sea before will know that it has three of the worlds best coastlines with miles of sandy beaches including un-spoilt coral reefs which turn the underwater world into one of the best diving locations on the planet.

Diving in the Red Sea
The warm and welcoming waters benefit from thousands of miles of beautiful coral reef formations making it a most highly sought dive locations.
The Red Sea is renowned as being one of the most beautiful places on earth. With its truly exotic and fascinating natural seascape environment and diverse ecosystem where you will find more than eleven hundred species of fish with around a hundred of them unique to the area.

If you’re interested the area is covered extensively in lots of documentaries many which are available online.  My favorites are on BBC iPlayer and National Geographic which you can access from anywhere if you use rotating proxies to hide your IP address.


The city of Hurghada was once a small fishing village on the Red Sea founded in the early 20th century has since been developed and built upon to what is now a thriving tourist destination and leading seashore resort on the Red Sea popular with overseas property buyers.
Today the city is now a thriving tourist resort that has turned into one of the most desirable places to holiday & live in Egypt. Which is partly because of the many Km of due miles of beautiful sandy beaches, fantastic climate and fantastic coral reefs perfect for water sports and especially Scuba Diving.

Hurghada is a hub for aquatic sports. The inviting waters are ideal for rare fish and colourful coral reefs and the unique underwater gardens are some of the best in the world and extremely popular for; snorkelling and diving, sailing, deep-sea fishing, wind-surfers, kite-surfers, and swimming.

These attractions combined and making Hurghada properties very popular with property investors, tourists and sun seekers looking for sun, sea, and sand and of course fantastic scuba diving.

Further Information: Expat UK TV, John Collins, 2016


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