Eco Wine Tourism?

I recently receive a wine gift from someone who knows that since I live in San Francisco, it’s easy to get me riled up about wine, but also about sustainable environmental practices.  Given that I live less than an hour away from two of the most famous wine country settings in the world, so paying for long distance shipping in either money, time or the environmental damage doesn’t make much sense to me.

This bottle was from South America and was quite different though.  First I saw a note which talked about how the bottle was made from a plant instead of from glass.  I know glass is actually really environmentally friendly if people recycle it, but I have friends that live in Dallas, so I know the rest of the world isn’t as serious about it as my neighbors and I are.

Anyway, outside of the plant made bottle which decomposes naturally in any landfill over the course of about a decade (or composts in about a month believe it or not) the bottle also came with a natural cork enclosure.  That’s pretty cool in my book!

Anyway, if you’re looking to suppose a cool environmental winery in South America.  It’s called Cabeeta and is located just outside the more famous Mendoza wine region.  I think being just outside of that wine region is part of the reason they had to take the huge step of becoming so environmentally friendly.

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