Documenting Your World Travel

There is no better way to document and highlight your travel than through pictures.  Thankfully the affordability and continuing evolution of low cost digital cameras has resulted in more amateur photographers snapping photos worldwide than ever before.  The challenge with using a digital camera is that professionally printing pictures can be extremely expensive and time consuming.  However, with declining printer prices, and availability of compatible printer ink cartridges, more than 45% of digital photographers now print their photos at home, with professional results.

Printing your photos at home used to mean that you needed a darkroom and special paper and chemicals.  Now it simply means having a photo printer at your disposal.  Today’s photo printers offer unparalleled image quality, on par with what you’d find a professional studios.  In addition to cost savings, the other main advantage of printing your own photos is that you can manipulate your photos until you feel that they are just right. Whether it’s cropping, removing red eye, or adding a border, most home photo printers and software give you the tools you need to effectively alter any photo to meet your needs. ators) can never match the prints you make yourself.

It’s very important that you focus on the quality of the paper when going to print your photos from around the world.  Photo paper is a must as it will ensure that the ink is absorbed correctly.  Also consider using glossy paper for that smooth, glossy, long lasting finish.  The investment is good quality paper will likely bring your total cost per picture to just $.25!


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