Buying Property in Spain

If you’re thinking of retiring or moving to Spain, then buying a property is the logical next step. Although there is a thriving rental market, property prices are currently rising so it’s best to get in the market as soon as you’ve decided where in Spain you wish to settle.

Factors that bring expatriates into Spain comprise its hot climate, higher quality of living at comparatively low cost, relatively low home prices, excellent infrastructure and stable market. Most expats have opened pubs, cafes and other companies there, particularly in the major tourist places. Expatriates report the natives make them feel really welcome in Spain which they like the relaxed way of life and the family-oriented tradition.

But buying a house in Spain is a major decision, requiring much preparation prior to making a buy. Attempt to use the numerous information sources currently available – books, magazines, television, the world wide web, adventures of friends already living in Spain, etc..

Remember the world is smaller now than twenty years ago, using the internet you can keep links with family and friends easily.  In fact you can even have British TV Online in Spain  using the internet, a VPN and a cable or two.

Some helpful ideas and points to bear in mind:

– Select the area you feel will fit your requirements, book a vacation home there for two or more weeks to shop about and go through the positive and negative things about residing.

– Make friends with local people, always a fantastic source of information on daily matters.

– Mortgages – just how far will a bank give you? Research and adhere to this, concentrate on possessions in your means. Do not make any hasty conclusions and negotiate a deal.

– If your property isn’t exactly the Euro, see the market rate since you’ll be purchasing your Spanish house in Euros.

– Organize to see several possessions, make notes on them to examine in your home.

– Appoint a attorney and a notary (“notario”) if purchasing your home – attorneys carry out essential checks, including the small print of contracts, whereas the notario witnesses signatures and guarantees taxes are paidoff Notarios are unbiased and collect fees from the seller and buyer.

– Require a Spanish language program, there are tons of unknown legal provisions that it might help you to understand when purchasing property in Spain.

– IMPORTANT – outstanding debts on Spanish home have been inherited by the purchaser! Check again for all these before signing the last contract (“escrita”).

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Updated: July 19, 2017 — 9:48 am

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