Are Jeep Safaris Having a Negative Impact On The Enviroment?

In many countries jeep safaris have long been a way for tourists to get off the beaten track and experience parts of a country that would not normally be inaccessible. Many people swear by these excursions and will make a point of going on one of these trips every time they visit a country.

Due to the popularity of jeep safaris there have, in recent years, been real concerns about the impact they are having on the local environment. One place in particular is Marmaris in Turkey where these safaris are one of the main attractions in the area. Environmentalists have been calling for a ban on these trips but as it stands the governors of Marmaris are reluctant to do so as they bring  much needed tourist cash into the region.

There have also been calls to ban tourists from smoking cigarettes on these trips as there is a real chance of starting bush fires from cigarette stubs. This is proving difficult to enforce though and one of the best solutions could be to promote the use of e cigarettes. This may not be realistic at the moment but taking a look at a some e cigarette reviews to get an idea of what is on offer could go a long way to helping, there are even cost cutting measures that can be taken, for example this website can help smokers save more.

Other steps they are looking to take are with the vehicles that are used,  minimum requirements could be brought in with vehicle emission testing topping the list as to whether the jeeps are passed ok for road use. It also goes without saying the general upkeep of the vehicles and the way in which they are driven will also be addressed.

Updated: February 3, 2012 — 11:25 pm
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